Getting Recruited


  1. Know and understand recruiting terms. This is the hardest thing to know and understand, and you will hear new terms and learn new things throughout the recruiting process
    • NCAA
      1. Division 1
      2. Division 2
      3. Division 3
    • NAIA
    • NJCAA
      1. Division 1
      2. Division 2
      3. Division 3
    • What is the best fit for me or my athlete?
  2. Create a school list
    • This list will be large at first
    • Consider schools that meet your needs such as your major, division level of play, tuition costs, academic requirements, etc.
    • Acquire a journal to keep track of colleges of interest
  3. Get your name out there
    • Work with the lists in step 2
    • Create a profile.  There are many free sites to create a profile that college coaches can easily view.
    • Create skills/highlight videos.  You must video games! Do this early, as it will show you your improvement from year to year.
    • Email and call college coaches
    • You must be proactive
    • Don’t get frustrated with negative responses or not getting a response. Patience and persistence